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We are a manufacturing company with strong capabilities in fabricating metal products.

Metal Fabrication and Welding
  Metal Stampings and Deep Drawing
Metal Fabrication and Welding   Metal Stampings and Deep Drawing
Mechining (CNC Milling, Turning)   Sheet Metal
Mechining (CNC Milling, Turning)   Sheet Metal (Turret  Punch, Laser Cutting...)

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We welcome custom manufacturing inquiries and offer the following benefits:

Low Cost: We will match any legitimate price quote from Asian countries.
Clear Communication: We have many staff speaking fluent English. Our engineers can also write in English.
Familiar with International Engineering Standards (ASTM, SAE, AISI, BS ...)
Total Solution: If your product requires many different manufacturing processes, we can provide many of them: assembly, plastic molding, casting....

ISO 9001 Certification

CNC Turret Punch
Laser Cutting
Plasma or Flame Cutting
Press Brake, Shear
Metal Stamping and Deep Draw
Pipe Bend
Roll Forming
Surface Finish
Send us drawings(PDF,CAD,Solidworks,IGS...)

Our customers include many small-to-medium sized enterprises, as well as large international corporations such as:

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