Low Cost Metal Stamping in China

We are an ISO9001 certified manufacturing company in China with strong capabilities in:

Normal Stamping (Blanking, Bending, Forming, Piercing, Coining)

Progressive Die/High Speed Stamping

Deep Drawing

Large Part Pressing

Robotic Stamping (Material Feeding)

Turret Punch

Making Tooling and Die

Surface Finishing

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, CRS, Galvanized Steel, Inconel

We welcome custom manufacturing inquiries and offer the following benefits:

Clear Communication: We have many staff speaking fluent English. Our engineers can also write English.

Familiar with International Engineering Standards: We have started servicing international customers since eight years ago, and have worked on hundreds of projects involving standards such as ASTM, SAE, AISI, BS ...

Low Cost: Our price is usually 20-40% lower than manufacturing prices in Western countries, and we offer to match any legitimate price quotes from other Asian factories..

China Price, Turn-key Service!
Safer, Easier, Better Quality, Continuous Support
Deep Drawing
Metal Stamping
Progressive Die
Die Making
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For other metal fabrication capacities such as CNC machining, Laser cutting, Welding, Tube bending, CNC punching, please go here

Robotic Production

Progressive Deep Drawing

High Speed NC Stamping

Parts from progressive drawings

Complex Parts

Deep Drawing Parts

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